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I am Ameena, 23, the elder of the three sisters quite beautiful, graduated, computer literate, with two other sisters, Nafeesa and Razia both 22 and 20 equally beautiful. Our papa is in gulf doing business there and mama did not want to go to gulf due to climatinc reasons and hence we are stay put here in a palatial building leading a luxurious life style. My sisters and I are involved in music and arts groups and we meet frequently for listening to good artists. We move in a limited circle of our own and we are not aware of the world outside. Our papa has to bring good earning, beautiful bridegrooms from the gulf. We are waiting for that moment. Abdul our driver is very obedient and cooperative. Our mother is not well and complaint of sickness always. Pain was her problem, sometimes, lower back pain or knee pain or shoulder pain. Most of the time she went alone to meet her doctor. Some times she called me to accompany her. My mother was hardly 40 and still maintained her looks. He met one Dr. Razack the pain specialist. A busy doctor with lot of patients. But my mother waited till his last patient went away and then went inside. Dr.Razakh, tired, but jovial went on talking about the family problems etc. He was said to be having a magical touch and his mere touch was said to heal the severest of pains. Once I went with her I saw Dr. Razack touching her in places where there was no pain. She asked me to go and sit outside. I wondered why should he touch her in other places. Sometime Nafeesa went and she too observed the same thing. Dr.Razakh, a middle aged doctor, made our mother to lie down on the examination table, loosened her dress
and then asked the accompanying relative to go outside. Mother's complaint was back pain. But she liked Dr.Razakh's methods and she waited patiently for him to get free. Once I got bored and came out of the clinic and sat in the car and asked Abdul to take the car out and go to a shady place and park. Abdul very timid boy used to wonder why we came to this secluded spot. Once I asked him to come into the back seat and sit near me so that I can relax with my head on his lap. He obeyed. The smell of a masculine crotch was peculiar. I made purposely lot of movements with my head and poor Abdul had an erection. I could feel his erect cock on my cheeks. I just wanted tease Abdul, made him sit sideways and support my head on his left thigh. I purposely lowered my jacket so that he could see my cleavage clearly. He saw and his erection was ful and hard. I turned my head and his thin lungi only was between his cock and my mouth. I remained like this for a while increasing his discomfiture. Afterwards we went back to the clinic of the doctor and saw that our mother was not yet free. We came back to the same spot and asked Abdul to come back to his original position and I placed my head on his lap and his cock pressing against my face. One day at the end of my patience, I with my hand removed his lungi and touched his raw cock and pressed it against my face. Abdul was shocked. I told him not to tell anybody. He agreed and promised not to utter a word about it. I ran my hand all over his cock and balls. Opening my mouth
wide I just took it in my mouth and tasted it with my tongue. I took his hand and placed it on my boobs and to facilitate him I just opened two of my hooks in the blouse. His hand moved over my boobs and went over my erect nipples. Aye, Abdul, dont tell anybody, I said. No, No, didi, I will not he said. I was enjoying his touch. His deft fingers sent electric waves throughout my body. If only he could lean forward and suck my nipples I would have had a full orgasm. I did not want to do things faster. Let it take its own time. Finaly when we went to the clinic, our mother's consultation was just over. She looked happy and waiting for us. We sent home. I asked her whther the doctor gave any medicine. She said the usual tablets. But he said I may need some medicinal massage for seven days for relief, she said. That means the doctor has planned out a seven day programme. I and abdul have to plan a seven day programme. On reaching home Nafeesa was angry since she wanted the car for going to a music practice session. Razia said she also will come to the clinic. I somehow managed it in such a way that after dropping amma at the clinic, we will drop Nafeesa and Razia at the music practice center and then pick them up when going back home. They agreed. From the next day our plan went meticulously. Finally Abdul and I landed up in our usual spot and he in the back seat and I lying in his lap. This routine became very familiar. Abdul automatically loosened his lungi so that his cock could come out and enter my mouth. Just a small tilt of my head, his erect cock
was in my mouth. I just sucked it. Abdul was giving out a hissing sound. I told him to make a quick drive home. There was nobody there. We can have one hour programme of pleasure. He drove home and we both went inside to our bed room. We bolted all the doors and I removed all my dress and made Abdul also nude. He was much younger to me. His cock was big size and very hard and erect. Abdul was ready to do anything. I asked him to lick my cunt. Lying in the bed with legs spread wide, I showed him where he has to concentrate. He knealed and started to lick my cunt. I orgasmed within two minutes. All my pent up sexual energy got aroused and I wanted more and more. Finallly I made Abdu to fuck me. He was very much ready. His cock went inside against much resistance, deeper and deeper searching for new areas of pleasure. I was sinking in the ocean of pleasure. He fucked first slowly and then briskly. His public hair protected pelvic bone hit my bone. Finally he released his fluids in a powerful spray into my cunt. I had three orgasm in the process. It was sheet concentrated pleasure. We got up cleaned outselves hurriedly, dressed up and rushed to the hospital. My mother's massage was just over. The massage seem to have made a cure for her. She looked cheerful. We went and picked up Nafeesa and Razia and reached home. Seeing the condition of the bed, Nafeesa and Razia asked me how it happened. The bed was well laid when we left but now it appears that a world war was done here. She looked at me. I avoided her looks and went away. I dont usually hide anything from my sisters and
they too. I had to tell them a brief account of what happened. They were shocked and asked for details. They took all the details from me.
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