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I am Anusha, 23, working in one of the leading private firms in the Admn. section. I am 5'5" tall with good figure, fair in colour, with high rise boobs and ass and hour glass figure. Mr.Kumar was my boss, who is very nice, young and decent and he is the GM of the company, taking care of all the departments. He calls me sometimes to act as his private secretary because of my MBA background. Never he has uttered an untoward comment. I do not know anything about his family background except that he qualified as an engineer and management expert. One day Mr.Kumar told me that an important customer is coming and we are to play host to him for lunch in one of the famous star hotels in the city. He asked me to accompany him since he is not a conversationalist. I agreed and Mr.Kumar told me that we should get ready by 11.30 am. to meet him. It may so happen that we may engage him in business talk and hence asked me to be ready with our products etc. We reached the hotel at 11.30 am and Mr.Kumar telephoned the customer who was staying in the same hotel whether he is ready for lunch. Our customer told him it is too early for lunch and asked both of us to go to his room. We went to his room in the 6th floor. When we rang the room bell, he came and opened the door. He was a middle aged gentleman, just in his lungie and bare bodied talking over his phone. He gestured us to sit in the chairs. After he finished his talk, Mr.Kumar introduced me to him. Mr.Roy appeared to be very knowledgeable and was covering various subjects in his talk with us. Mr.Kumar was mostly silent and was
allowing me to handle the conversation. Mr.Kumar was looking at his watch and reminded Mr.Roy about the lunch. Mr.Roy told Mr.Kumar to go down and fix up the table etc. and that we will come down shortly. When I got up he said, you sit down we will go together. Mr.Kumar left the room. Mr.Roy went and hung the 'Dont dusturb" sign and bolted the door from inside. "Oh Miss Anusha, brilliant, you are the most brilliant woman I have seen, with vast knowledge in all facets of business." He came near me lifted me holding my shoulders and smoched me on my cheeks. In a jiffy, he unhooked my bra and lifted my kurthi and took it out. His lungie fell off and he was totally nude. His cock in semilimp condition dropped to a length of 6". I was taken aback at the quick succession of events. Mr.Roy was going on talking praising my comments on various subjects and untied my pyjama and pulled it down along with my panty. I was totally naked in about 2 minutes. I was looking at his cock which was a beautiful piece of meat. He turned to me and made me lie down in the bed, widened my legs and buried his face in my crotch. His tongue was searching for my clitoris and licked and sucked it. Instead of resisting his efforts, I was encouraging and enjoying each of his movements. My cunt was overflooded with fluids and I could hear his slurping it. I held his head with my hands and slowly pressed it down. Full orgasm crashed in on me and the spasms inside my vagina was uncontrollable. Mr. Roy knew it. He immediately inserted his cock in my cunt and fuck in a fast pace that we both could reach orgasm simultaneously. He was
not satiated. He went on fucking and he did it second time. After we finished, we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up of the muck. I just sucked his cock and took out whatever remained inside it. Though I have had sex before, this kind of total sex I have never had. Mr.Roy was continuously talking to me. He asked me to get dressed and he too got dressed. Most casually we walked down into the dining room and searched for Mr.Kumar. He was there. He was happy that we had come. It took more than an hour for us to come down. We sat in the three seater table. Mr.Roy took out his mobile phone and talked to his office and told them to place order with our company for the supply of materials worth Rs.50 lacs each month. Mr.Kumar was surprised and shocked. He went on repeating "Thank you, Sir, thank you, sir" Mr.Roy told Mr.Kumar that it is because of the marketting efforts of Ms.Anusha this order is being placed. You should compensate her appropriately. Sure, Sir, she will certainly be compensated. Mr.Roy took his lunch and talked a lot mainlly to know how far I can equal him in dealing with the subjects. Mr. Roy had to return by the evening flight to attend to some other business. Mr.Kumar and I returned to our office. Mr.Kumar did not ask me what special technique I applied to get this huge order for the company. He told me that he is giving me a rise of Rs.10000/- in my pay and a cash incentive. After about three days Mr. Kumar told me that we may have to go to Mumbai to attend a business conference. He said he is yet to get details. However he said he is booking tickets for both of us.
He said it may be a short trip and we may just go attend the meeting and then come back on the same day. He said his travel agent has been asked to book by the morning flight so that we may return by the evening flight. He cautioned me that I may carry a spare dress in my hand bag to be used in case of emergency. Ok, I said. I went to office in the morning ready for the journey. Mr.Kumar told me that all the morning flights are full and hence he has booked by the noon flight at 1.00 pm. We reached the airport at 12 and learnt that the flight was further delayed by one hour. Mr. Kumar was making arrangements for our stay in Mumbai. He told me that no two single rooms are available and hence he has booked a double room. Our flight left at 3 pm and we reached Mumbai at 5 pm. and by the time we reached our hotel it was 6 pm. Luckily our hotel was in Churchgate and hence we were in the southern part of the city. We just occupied our room and took a cup of coffee and then he called me for a walk along the Marine Lines. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful scene. We got down into the sand and walked. It was getting dark. We could see couple in various degrees of intimacy. We had a tender coconut and then returned back to the room. Mr.Kumar told me that there was a mistake, the conference was three days hence and that we may have to stay for three days in the hotel. He told me to go and buy three sets of best possible dress with under garments etc. We both ventured out and we went to
a very fashionable shop and bought four sets of clothes etc. at the cost of Rs.25000/- Mr.Kumar was too lavish and I thought I will accept his hospitality. Leaving our bags in the room we went to the dining room and he asked for a bottle of wine. Wine was brought in a silver ice bucket and with two glasses. He poured the wine and offered me a glass. I had never tasted wine before. He said just try. who is there to see except me. Let us enjoy. We both gulped down the first glass of wine. The second glass of wine gave me a strange sensation. We had our supper, nice prawns, chicken grilled, etc. We got up and Mr.Kumar asked the wine to be brought to the room. On reaching our room, the boy brought the bucket and the bottle and the glasses. He told Mr.Kumar that further stocks of wine are available in the fridge. He asked me to change my clothes and come. I went and changed into a sexy lingerie. When I came back I found MR.Kumar bare bodied with only a lungie. We gulped one more glass of wine. We both were high. He asked me how did I manage Mr. Roy into giving us an order for Rs.6 crores. I told him you heard him talk. I knew what he was talking and to each of his problems I could find a solution. He was impressed and asked me to leave you and join him. I refused, I said. Mr.Kumar got up and came near me and planted a kiss on my cheeks. We both have to sleep in a double bed. He said you are my treasure and there is no question of your leaving me. Ask me anything, I will give you. He pushed me into the bed
and lifted my lingerie and started to separate my legs to get access to my pussy. I pulled at the lungie of Mr.Kumar revealing his semi erect cock. He lied between my legs, went on kissing my thighs and my pussy. He licked my pussy. I just allowed him free hand. Wine has got onto his head. He never cared to see my boobs but was busy with my pussy only. Licking licking he made me reach my orgasm. Turning my body I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him. He just watched my sucking his cock. He said you are my queen, I will not give it anybody. He fucked into my mouth and he cummed a huge quantity into my mouth. I got up and went to the bath room and cleaned byself up and came back.. I saw Kumar drinking further quantity of wine. Somehow I managed to make him to lie down and go to sleep. By next day he was ok. I too slept in the same bed totally naked. Next day I kept wine away from him. When there is no wine, he was very decent and well behaved. We spent all the three days in the hotel room, fucking and fucking in all poses. Mr.Kumar gave me a further increase of Rs.10000/- in my salary. On the third day of the conference, we both attended the conference, took part in the deliberations, I read a paper on marketing. After the conference we returned with sweet memories. sweet memories of sex we had, of the sights of Mumbai etc.
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