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Hi, me Rina from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is my 1st post in ISS. This is my real incident of my life. If you find my story interesting & wanna contact me than mail me jarina_parvin@ My English is not well. So please forgive me & just read it. Me 21 years old. I m not virgin now. I have done sex several times with several people. Here is my 1st incident with my private tutor. My vital statistics 35 28 34. My tutor name rakib, student of Dhaka university & teach me mathematics. He is very much well built & tall figure. Age 24. I always wait for him to come. I enjoy the moment he comes to my home. He has also little attraction to me. I also feel happy at his presence. Besides reading we discuss many thing. We became as like friend. One day he asked me about reading story. I tell him about my interest. Then he told me if I m agreed to read story than he will give me. I answered in affirmative. Next day he came with a book & tell me to read after his going. I found it’s a sex story book. There was different story. At night when I read the stories I felt horny & fingering me several times. Especially I felt horny to read teacher student story. I felt at that time if he come & fuck me right then. I called him. He receive the call & was little bit hesitant. I told him not to come for tuition next day as usual time. And told him come one day later at 10 am. He asked me why that time. I told him that my family will go for invitation & nobody will be at home. I need long time to solve some mathematics problem. He said ok. I cut the phone. I felt more hot then, & becoming ready for the day. I was eagerly waiting for the time come & being hard fucked. Next night I again was fingering myself several times. Again n again I went next the mirror & look at me at the mirror while I was totally nude. Some how the night pass. The entire family member went out within 9 am. Then my waiting start for a new sensation. Naturally I wire salwar kamiz orna when he come to teach me. On that time I only wire salwar kamiz but no orna(dopatta). At 10 am calling bell rang. I felt extremely horny at the calling bell. Opening the door I found him standing with a cd in his hand. He straightly look at me & feel something unusual at me. Please sir come in. How are you? Yes me well, what about you sir. Fine thanks. We went to my room. He put the cd on my table & sat on chair. But me standing. Why u r standing? Please be seated. You told me you have some problems to solve. No sir, yes sir, ok sir. What are you saying. Sir, what is that cd. Ohh, its an XXX cd. Have u ever seen? No sir. Ok, lets solve the problem first then we can see it if you have no problem. I have no problem sir. Lets see the cd first. I requested him . At first not agreed. But when I request again n again he said, it can make a problem for you. May be u will not be able to tolerate. And ur virginity may be lost today. Whatever I want to see it. Then he put the cd on my computer & start. 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Then second round starteddddddd……….. it will be in next episode if u want me to write. Please give your comment.
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