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This is a short story just to give everyone my background. I am an American girl that first became interested in Indian cocks when I met my brother’s friend that was going to school in America. So it started harmless enough, my brother was always bringing his friends home so Aman was no exception. I did find Aman very cute and sexy but wasn’t interested in him more than that. Well one weekend my parents left for a short trip to New York and left me in the house alone, my brother came home that weekend and brought Aman with him and decided it was time to throw a party. I have to say this Aman wasn’t much of a drinker and my brother is, so there was plenty of alcohol at the party. Well the party was in full swing by 12am and most of the guys were already drunk, a few of them were in the other bedrooms with their girlfriends. I had one of my friends over for a sleepover, so we just stayed in the room most of the night. So my friend Christy and I were listening to music and surfing the internet and I needed to get my other CD case that was downstairs in the pool house. So Christy and I make our way downstairs to the backyard and into the pool house to get my cd case and chatted a bit with some of the less drunk people that were in the small room, I needed to pee. I grabbed Christy and went to the bathroom in the back of the pool house, we were in they for a while giggling and talking about the drunk guys and the mess that everyone was making while we took turns peeing. That is when I noticed someone in the back through the window of the bathroom. I moved the curtains to get a better look to see what they were doing and I noticed that the guys were pissing behind the building, well that’s pretty normal guys are lucky they can just whip out their dick and piss anywhere. Well this guy was Aman, so I pressed my head close to the glass to get a good look at him; since I thought he was cute I wanted to see what his cock looked like. I was not disappointed in what I saw. Aman was pretty drunk so when he unbuttoned his pants they slide down his thighs to his knees, which gave me a great view of his huge fat cock. I was a bit surprised it was so thick and his nuts looked like each one was the size of my fist. It was comical at first since he was drunk he stumbled around which was made worse because his pants were around his knees. He leaned against a tree using both hands which freed his cock from his grip and gave me a view of the entire massive piece of indian cock. That’s when I noticed that he was uncircumcised; I had never seen an uncircumcised man before. My heart raced at seeing this new cock for the first time. I called Christy to the window so she could see it too, and we just stared at it with our mouths opened wide like our bodies were going into automatic mode. Aman had fallen down and was passed out now with his pants still around his legs. Christy and I just stared at each other and I said to her we couldn’t leave him outside in the back of the pool house like that, so I unlocked the outside door to the bathroom and made sure the inside door was locked and we went to Aman’s side. We just looked at him for a few seconds and I told Christy that we had to try to bring him inside. He managed to piss on his pants legs and I couldn’t leave him out there like that, if the other guys found him they would not have let him live it down, so with all out might we grabbed his arms and dragged him into the bathroom. When we saw him in the light we couldn’t speak. Now we could see his huge cock with its foreskin covering his fat cockhead. I was really starting to get horny seeing him like this, so I came up with a plan and it was to get him undressed so I could clean him up. So Christy and I undressed Aman and tried to get him into the small shower that was in the bathroom of the pool house. I told Christy that we needed to clean him up so we would have to turn on the shower I told her I would have to get out of my clothes so I didn’t get them wet and she just nodded, she was still entranced with his big cock. I stripped out of my shirt and shorts leaving just my bra and thong on and told her she should do the same to help me. So there we were in the shower in just our bra and thong with a totally naked Indian guy all to ourselves to play with. We wet some towels and started to wash his beautiful tanned body, saving his cock for last. I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed his cock and soaped it up, it was electric, and my heart was racing. The idea that I would have a big cock in my hand that evening wasn’t in my plans but now that I did I was like a kid. I was so intrigued with his foreskin, I slowly pulled the skin back to reveal the bright purple knob hidden under the skin, and apparently his body was on automatic also because when I did that I notice that he started getting hard. It was just seconds and his cock was hard like a piece of steel curved upward touching his belly button. I started to stroke it and I watched it pulse in my hand something inside me told me to put it in my mouth, just like in the porn videos I’ve seen my brother watch. Christy was speech less, when I put his cock in my mouth that is what woke Aman up from his drunken slumber. He was a bit dazed seeing himself naked and surrounded by two half naked girls. His hips started to thrust forward pushing his cock in my mouth, his hand grabbed me by the back of my head to give him better control while he fucked my mouth. Aman’s other hand grabbed Christy’s hair and pulled her face close to his so he could kiss her while he fucked my mouth. He set me free from his cock and grabbed me by my waist and pulled my tiny thong to the side to get me ready to fuck. I was getting scared but I couldn’t do anything about it. It was like our animal instincts took over. I was complying with his desire to fuck, I was like his mindless bitch to mate with and use. He pushed his cock in my tight pussy and I almost passed out, he put me on my hands and knees and fucked me like I was the last girl on earth. I was amazed at how quick he recovered from his drunken state to fuck. He pumped his cock in me going deeper each thrust, I could feel his big cockhead hitting my cervix causing me to yelp each time he made Christy lie in front of me so I could eat her pussy while he fucked me like a bitch. Well when he was ready to cum he rested his body on my back. I could feel each pulse of his cock as he pumped his cum in my unprotected pussy. When his cock went limp and fell out of me a stream of his hot cum ran down my leg, Aman had passed out again so I turned on the shower to get us all washed up. He was beautiful laying there with his flaccid cock lying on his leg. That was my first experience with a cock and I was hooked on Indian men since.
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