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It when I was studying for my school final exam. I was 18 and had to join the college once I pass. I was the only daughter to my parents. My name is Latha, 5'7" lean figure but full blown boobs etc. narrow waist anf flat navel. My father was in a private firm and came always late and my mother a housewife with knee pain. I had my bed room upstairs. We had two other tooms, the upstair room is used to dumb articles and the down stair room as a guest room. We always have guests either from my mothers side or from fathers side, for medical consultation, or appearing for the entrance exam, or for interview etc. I used to keep myself away from such people and mind my business. Once Ravi, came. Robust, 5'10" athelete figure, livily, talkative, sings, talks about films and stars always. He was just 20 and to appear for some course in the local college. He comes in search of me to my room upstairs, which I dont like. In my room nobody comes and hence I have some photos of film stars pasted on the wall, and some nude pictures inside the almirah door. I used to have a laptop for my own use and watch lot of porn. Nobody knows that I watch porn. None of my friends, I keep the laptop casually on the table since I did not find the necessity to hide it in my room. This Ravi, came dashing into my room without knocking and he was so boisterous that I did not feel like getting angry with him. Sometimes he appeared to be innocent and not meaning any offense but sometimes he takes liberties unexpectedly that we find it embarrassing to get outselves out. Ravi went shouting "Hello" went straight to the table
took the laptop and was searching the history to know what sites I browse. "So this is what you have been seeing recently?" he said and was looking at the video. I was embarrassed. It is true that I was watching the same site, but that does not mean that I should confess to him what all sites I watch. That was too much of him. What to do he was at distance sitting in the chair near my table and I was in the bed lying. When I get up I have to conceal lot of things and if he finds out again there will be lot of questions. He is my cousin, and being of the same age, there is no harm if he likes me and chooses to discuss with me the porn sites. But the time selected by him was quite inopportune. Somehow I hid the thing I was hiding from him, set my dress in order, removed my bedsheet and slowly I came out and straightened my dress. I had to go to the bathroom and I rushed. He just looked up and then got busy with the laptop. I thought he will be checking his own emails etc. and hence I was not in a hurry to come out. Ravi was very fomfortably placed and was logging his own favourite porn sites. The way he was looking I thought he is up and aroused. I told him that I am going down and moved towards the door. He said NO. Rushed and caught my hand and pulled me to him and made me to sit in the bed, he turned the chair so that we both can watch the monitor. It was a hot porn movie he was wataching and he put on the sound of hiiiiiiis and hoooooos. Watching such vieios
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