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Hi I am karthika from Kerala. I am 28 years of age and I am married to a guy(Naresh) who is an employee of a MNC. We are living in company apartment located in the centre of the city. He is in top position of the company, so he goes to office early morning and comes back at night. So I watch TV to spend the time and when he comes back he dont have time to do sex with me. Sorry that I havent tell you about me. I have fair complexion with busty boobs, curvy hips and flat fleshy belly and big booty ass. Since I was in boarding school from 13 years of age I know much about sex. I started watching porn movies when I was 14 years. I am going to tell you about my sex with a engineering student after my marriage. This happened when I was 25 years, it happened when we moved to the company apartment just after our marriage. There was a boy (Manu) who was 19 years of age studying for engineering. My husband leaves for the office early in the morning around 6 am and I go for shopping around 9 am. Manu used to go to his college at that time. That is how we met each other. Then it became friendship and our relationship grew beyond that and I used to invite him to my apartment. When his vacation started after the examinations he usually comes to my apartment or I go to his apartment since there would be nobody in our apartments. He comes to my apartment without even knocking. One day I was bathing and I forgot to lock the front door. I didnt knew he entered into my apartment. When I was in my bedroom he was peeking through the half closed
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