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This is my second story in HD. I think this is the best site to record ones memorable lovemaking forever. My boyfriend is very muscular and big built of 6 feet and even I match up well with him with a height of 5'7" 36A-32-41 stats. Before I narrate the hot encounter between Rajveer and me. lemme brief u guys with the kind of relationship that we share with each other. We both cant stay together yet cant stay without each other. We have been in relationship since 8 yrs now and love eachother a lot along with our violent fights. Rajveer can be impossible and abusive at times without any reason and I can be really furious and violent in our fights. Mostly I don't start it but wen he bugs me I don't end it easily....but the best part is that He is d first one to say Sorry always. And we have noticed that whenever we have a major fight, our bitterness doesnot end till the time we have our steamy hot love session. The love encounter that I am quoting below is one of them after a major fight which occurred a day before. I was really angry at him and had decided that I will never go out with him ever again. Whereas Rajveer was sort of guilty and was trying to make it up for it and I wasn't talking to him properly. To his favor my Mom- dad had to go out to their friend's place that afternoon, so he had all the time in the world to woo me. He has full access in my house. I was lying on bed as I was I had a terrible headache bcoz of the heaviness in atmosphere. I had warned him not to come near me AT ALL as I wasn't well and
wanted to take a nap, to which he agreed. He lied down beside me in my sheet saying that he would also sleep quietly. Although I knew what was coming up next, I allowed him to slip in my sheet (somewhere I think I also wanted it ;) Forcibly he stretched my arm a bit so that he can lay his head on it, close to my armpits and closed his eyes. Then casually he started the conversation praising my body fragrance to flatter me a little and make me normal....he said- baby, before you I have slept with so many girls but never ever I have come across with a girl who smells so good even in the armpits. I asked him to shutup but he continued saying- no, seriously I mean it. Tumhari tou fuddi se bhi badi hi achhi khushboo ati hai nasha chadhane wali, tabhi tou tum pehli ladki ho jiski mai sucking enjoy karta hoon and tumhari armpits ko bhi kiss karne mei maza aata hai. Aaj badi tempting lag rahi hain tumhari baglein, passionately kiss karne ka mann kar raha hai inko. I asked him to shutup again but in vain. All his dirty talks were kind of turning me on but I was trying to pose as if nothing is pleasing me. Rajveer continued saying- kabhi kabhi jo halki si paseeney ki smell aati hai tumse, mujhe tou vo bhi turn on karti hai.....he gradually moved his head much closer to my armpits. At this time I was lying down like a dead log. He started blowing his hot breath and then kissing my armpit with slow movement of his tongue and lips, forcing my other hand around his neck. With a little resistance I let it be there. Raj moved a little closer blowing his hot breath on my neck
followed by light kisses. I was wearing a real deep neck nighty so it was very easy for Raj to go real deep into my cleavage blowing his hot breath and light kisses shower over there. I was constantly resisting but not with full force. Meri cleavage aur neck pe uska saliva aur small kisses bahut horny bana ri thi....par ego beech mei aa raha tha apna sluttish roop mei aaney ko. Now raj realised that it was time for him to apply some force on me as was being a little difficult. He held my face and began smooching me despite of my efforts of keeping my mouth away from his mouth. Usne zabardasti apni jeebh mere mu k andar ghusa di, pehle tou mai respond nahi kar rahi thi par pata hi ni chala ki kab mai bhi suck karney lag gai uski jeebh aur saliva ko....even I started going deeper and deeper holding him tightly from his shoulder and his neck. His hands were now crushing my boobs side by side of smooching. Nighty abhi utri nahi thi, deep galey mei se hi hath explore kar rahe they mere boobs. By this time I was out of my anger and supporting him well with his sexual moves. Our smooch continued till 10-15 min. In the meanwhile Raj now reached to the 2 buttons of my nighty jisko khol ke mere boobs poorey k poorey pop-out ho jatey bahar. He started sucking my boobs one by one as he is very fond of them and I love the way his tongue moves on them. Ab tak mere bhi hath uske shorts ke andar ja chuke the aur apne naram hathon ki massage se usko bahut hard time de rahe the ;) and he also returned the favour by letting his finger inside my vagina. Fingered me
for 3-4 minutes. He then removed his shorts and showed his 7 inches erect coco (we fondly address his dick as coco) to me which looked absolutely yummy at that moment and it needed my instant attention. Like a hungry bitch I took it in my mouth aur usko agey peechey hath aur mu se kar kar ke choosne lag gai, kabhi slow aur kabhi thoda tez. Rajveer tou jaise pagal hi huey ja raha tha jab bhi mai uski balls ko chaat ti ya cock tip ko jeebh se gudgudati. When he couldn't bear the pleasure anymore, He pushed me with his hand on the bed removing my mouth from his dick. Usne meri laatein pakad ke bed pe ghaseeti taki fuck position le le apna coco andar ghusane ko. We both hate using condom and we don't cheat eachother outside so we are safe and okay with that. Ab tak itna foreplay ho chukka tha ki mere love juices drip ho rahe the lag bhag, isliye uska cock ek jhatke se andar chala gaya without much effort. Itna garam tha mere vagina ke andar juices ki vajah se ki ek cheekh Raj ki nikli pleasure ke marey aur ek cheekh meri nikli. Now his broad chest was crushing my big boobs badly and as he was rocking inside me aur sath ke sath smooch bhi kare ja rahe the hum ek doosre ko. He was telling me that he loves the slut that comes out from me when I am in bed and hearing this I was going more horny. Mai usko bata rahi thi ki mujhe achha lagta hai jab uska coco mere uterus tak sensation deta hai and how good he is in making love to me in my worst mood. Sometimes I feel that his coco goes even bigger when its inside me. All
these dirty talks were adding to our tharak. Raj ne tez tez bang karna shuru kar diya jo meri cheekhein nikalwa raha tha. Then he asked me if I would like to come on top of him, I said- neki aur pooch-pooch ;) Humne bina coco ko mere andar se bahar nikaley palti maar di so that I come on top of him. His hard coco was still inside me and now I was the incharge of the show. Now he took off my nighty and let open my branded sexy bra. I placed two big pillows under his head so that his head is closer to my boobs when I rock him. Mujhe vo sight bahut horny banati hai jab Rajveer ke upar chadh ke, rocking kartey huey mere mangoes uski hairy broad chest pe ragad rahe hotey hain ya mai jaan boojh ke apne nipples uske mu k samne kar deti hoon taki vo tadpey unko mu mei lene ke liye. And as expected he craved to take my boobs and sucked them like a baby ghasson ke beech beech mei. Now that I was on full on fire I increased my thrusts like a wild cat. I was screaming out of pleasure like any thing and Raj was also a little vocal today which I love it. Any moment and the climax was going to hit us. I had taken hold of bed to give myself extra support while jumping on top as I was getting all exhausted. Raj announced to me that he was on verge of coming. I was also experiencing my climax now. Raj asked me ki vo mere andar chorr sakta hai apna cum aaj ya nahi agar mera safe period hai tou. Even if it wasn't a safe period I would have said YES only as I i was beyond
any rights or wrongs at that moment. We both came together and cried loudly. I kept lying down on top of him till the coco shrunk and we took a small nap in that position only. When I woke up all my headache magically vanished and I was ready to go out with my honey again in the evening for a movie as if I was never angry at him.
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