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I have been reading the stories of so many men and women in HD and I was fascinated by many of them. I am Rani, 25, well qualified and well featured working in a good position in an MNC. I am not yet married. I am staying alone in a company furnished flat using a company car. My people are all in my native place and I dont ask them to come and stay with me, because by their coming my freedom will be curtailed. I just want to enjoy my life with occasional flicks in sex, good food in best hotels etc. Right from younger days I was very much interested in sex. Both my parents were working and I was to be under the case of a house maid who worked full time for us. Her son almost of my age used to come in the evening from school and we both used to take snacks. Then I go to take bath in the bathroom upstairs. I take bath for a long time since in the morning I dont get time. This boy, named, Siva, used to come and peep through the crack in the bathroom door and see me naked. One day I heard some sound and when I came and looked it was Siva. He pushed the door and came inside the bathroom in a naked condition and said he too wants to take bath. I saw his cock in an erect condition. He applied soap all over my body and my lemon sized boobs. (I was only 15 then) He asked me to apply soap on his body and we both enjoyed our bath. He told me not to tell this to anybody not even to his mother and that they will take bath like this daily. I too agreed. Siva did
not keep quiet. On the second day he asked me to keep my legs wide and he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. It was not going in. He rubbed it all over the place and asked me also to rub it all over my pussy. Finally with the effort of both of us his cock entered my pussy half on the first day and full on the second day. But fucking was a great fun. It gave new new pleasures which I have not experienced. We experimented on various poses. The mother of Siva got suspicious. He came sneaking in and found out that we both were engaged in a different type of game. She scolded him and asked him to get dressed and go home immdtly. She told me not to do this with anybody since I was too young. I felt guilty. But my cunt was itchy. My father wanted me to have tuition for maths since I was in tenth std. The maths teacher was a young man just haivng done his PG. Since I was the only student learnng from beginning he asked me to come separately at 6.30 pm when everybody finish. He took me upstairs and inside his locked room we started to learn maths. Since it was warm upstairs I opened up two buttons in my shirt. My teacher was looking at my cleavage. Purposely I showed a part of my thigh. Next day teacher while emphasizing a point, he touched my thigh and kept his hand there for a long time. His warm hand increased my heat. His hand slowly moved up and touched my panty. I pretended not to notice. His fingers entered the panty and touched the pussy. Next I gave him basic lessons in fucking and he was fucking me well. His cock was bigger than
that of Siva and hence I was enjoying. My exam was over and I have to call off the tuition also. But he came and told my father that he will give me some tuition in general english during the vacation. My father agreed and the teacher came home and gave me tuition not in englishe but in sex. He was just 22 and I was 16. We fucked three to four times a day without break. It was like heaven. When the results came I had passed in maths. My father was happy and got me admission in the local college. In the meantime I learnt about pregnancy and safe period etc. I took science for my college and I had to work in the lab. My tuition teacher, Suraj, was also got employed in the college as a junior lecturer. I used to smile at me always and my friends made fun of me. But Suraj was in maths dept and I did not go to that dept at all to avoid him. I wanted something new and different. There was a lab assistant, Ali, who used to clean up things and arrange everything for us. I was vey slow and by the time all my colleagues complete their experiments I would have just begun. Ali used to be there late to help me out. We both go to the corner of the lab and did our own experiments. His big cock was very good. He could sustain for a long time. Since Ali had the keys for the lab there was no problem. He fucked me like hell. In the meantime my father bought a car and a driver was appointed. His job was to take my parents to their office and to take me to my college. Driver John was very obedient. He dropped
me in the college in the morning and he waited for me to return after my experiments with Ali. By the time I return it will be late and dark in the roads. We used to stop the car and take some cool drinks from the shop and park the car in a dark corner. John was scared stiff. He was boyish and had a baby like face. When I unzip his pants he was scared. But he got adjusted. We fucked in the back seat for one hour and his fluids and mine used to make his pants damp. He carried a towel to cover himself so that his pant would not be spoiled. Suddenly I got information that I am selected for BTech(IT) in a private engg. college. I stopped my colleagiate edn. and my affair with Ali and John. I went in search of new pastures in the Engg. College staying in the hostel. My room mate in the hostel was one Mala from Kerala. Her people were all abroad and she went abroad for holidays. She had a laptop and we used to watch movies in the spare time. Mala was rich and had lot of money. She took me to various hotels for food and for snacks. I suspected that she has lesbian interests. When embraced she pressed my boobs and she used to kiss me often. Her kisses were very deep and passionate. I could not object since she is very lovable and friendly. In the night she will just move and move and come near me and touch me all over the places. She asked me about my sex adventures and was amazed at my turnover. Her hand ran all over my body and touched at the sensitive spots. She liked to kiss my nipples and lower abdomen. Finally she suggested
why not try oral sex. It was a sudden hit. We both rolled in the bed in 69 position and learnt to sleep in that pose. Whether it was day time or night time, whenever we had spare time, we plunged into the bed burying our face in each others pussies. We took bath twice a day and we kept our body in neat and clean. I was not so crazy about boys or their cocks. It is Mala for everything. It was the end of the world. We both did our course very well. In the campus interview I was selected by an MNC in a high salary. Mala wanted to get back to her parents. So we parted ways. I went to Bengaluru to join my company. Having got my in house training for two months, they sent me to Hyderabad for a six months assignment. My team leader was Raghu, Keralite, smart guy. We worked day and night to finish our work within the assigned time. In the last week he allowed some departures from the strict code of discipline. We spent a night in a hotel room after a sumptuous supper. My cunt's hunger was regenerated and we fucked three times. Raghu was surprised at my versatility. He knew that I am very experienced in this game. My hunger for sex was insatiable. We worked together as a team. We went to several places on different projects. We enjoyed our fucking. Later our team was broke up. He got a better job with a different employer, and he left. I had to team up with another two people. Life goes on like this. Everytime I have a different partner at a different hotel in a different center.
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