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I am Rashmi, 19, working as a sales women in one of the leading textile shops in the city. I come for duty at 9 am and noon there is a lunch recess of half an hour. I work till 8 pm. In the textile shop all sorts of customers come and we are supposed to cater to the needs of all sorts of people. There are another dozen girls like me working in the ground floor. According to the rush they move girls from ground floor to first floor. One customer by name Prince used to come regularly and buy different types of clothes. Since he is very young and handsome most of the girls will be willing to attend to him. He knows the names of some of the girls and when he comes he used to ask for his favourite sales girls. There is a rumour that he used to take these girls to some hidden corner and kiss them or squeeze their boobs. It is quite possible because there are several corners hidden corners purposely created for this purpose. In noon time when there is not much rush, Prince used to come and take a girl to the corner and disappear. We all know what they will be doing, even the owner knows, but nobody questions since Prince is a good customer. The girl who so goes will come out with all tell tale evidence on her body. Since everybody knows what would have happened nobody asks her and she rushes to the bathroom and freshen herself. It is likely they would have fucked. Sometimes we casually go and vrify that corner for any tell tale evidence. Sometimes there will be soiled panty soaken in cum lying in the corner. Prince selects three or four girls for this purpose. One day it so happened
Prince called me to show him some type of cloth. My heart was pounding since all the girls would come to know of his preferring me. He took me to so may counters where shirts are displayed and their to the suit cloth counter, He bought three shirts and two suit length of cloth. We moved on to section of inner garments. He took a panty and hid it in his pant pocket. Slowly he pushed me to a corner, a well hidden corner where nobody will notice. He then lifted my face up and kissed me on my cheeks. The he sucked my lips and inserted his tongue inside and was searching for my tongue. Though I had small sexual encounters with my cousins at home this is the first time an adult man is going to fuck me. My heart was pounding at a very fast rate. The hands of Prince were quite busy and were searching for my boobs. He deftly unhooked my bra and his hands raised my blouse and were all over my boobs. My nipples had already become stiff and large. Prince lowered his face and licked my nipples and sucked them. I was high, up high and was tempted to moan but for the rush outside. There was a big bale of clothes. He slowly moved me to the bale and made me to lean on it and he lifted my saree and his hand searched for my pussy. His middle finger touched my clitoris and rubbed it vigorously. I was very much aroused. Slowly he inserted his cock into by cunt and pushed it in. I think I am not a virgin, but his cock which was unusually large was making its entry very difficult. I could not cry out for fear being detected but Prince withdrew and rammed it again
with full force and he could make it enter fully. He then started his in and out movement. His fucking inspite of pain in caused was enjoyable and my orgasm was building up. He did it in even pace. I had my orgasm many times but he was continuously fucking. Finally he was coming to the end of the game and he threw his fluids into my cunt in quick spurts. He told me that he liked my cunt very much because of the tightness and wanted to fuck me more. He asked whether I can take half day leave and go with him. I asked where are you taking me. He said to a resort. I was hesitant. He assured me that no questions would be asked and just go and pick up your bag and tell your manager that you are going and come out I will wait for you down in the road. I took out my panty cleaned my pussy of all the fluids mine and his and threw it on the floor and went to the bathroom to correct my disheveled hair and then went to the locker to pick my bag and went to the manager to say that I am going. Manager nodded his head with a smile. My other friends were all giggling. I came out and saw Mr. Prince sitting in his car. He asked me to get in his car and he drove very fast. The resort was a huge affair. He took me to a room and asked me to relax. He ordered for food and drinks and then came back and sat with me. He asked me whether I was a virgin till today. I looked at him and smiled and nodded silently. He asked me whether I can go to the bathroom and shave off
the hair. He said he will give a razor. I said I will try. He called me to the bath room and gave me a razor. I told him I have not used a razor before and I do not know how to use it. He laughed and told me that he will show how to use it. He pulled a plastic chair into the bathroom, asked me to sit on it lifting my saree, with the help of a brush he applied lavishly lather in my pussy. He asked me to remove my saree and pettycoat and sit naked in the chair. With hesitation I did as he asked me to do. He shaved off my pussy with the razor. The skin of my pussy was shining without any hair. He then asked me to go and wash it. I washed it clean of all the soap and hair sticking to it. He asked me to wait. He went outside and asked the bearer to serve food in the dining table and then leave. Within five minutes the food was served. He then asked the bearer to go out and bolted the door from inside and came to the bathroom and took me to the bedroom. He removed my blouse and bra and made me totally naked. He was looking and enjoying the sight of my nakedness. he too undressed and came and asked me to lift my legs. He buried his face into my cunt and licked my cunt from bottom to top. It was heavenly. His tongue was very quick and entered my hole. His lips were also quick that they gripped my clitoris and pulled it. I was enjoying all these games. Finally he took his monster cock and put it in my hole and plunged it in. He was moaning and said he
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