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I was waiting for him. He came calling teachers name. When I came out he was shocked to see me. I asked him whom are you searching for. He was shivering. I asked him what happened. HE was speechless. I then asked him seductively that how am I looking. He said " you was looking good". I then said "only good nothing more than that". He shamefully said "beautiful". I then teased him "only beautiful want to say anything else". He then said nothing but turned to go away. I stopped him and said him to come near. Just then I dropped my mobile and bent to pick it up and gave him a good show of my cleavage. Then he asked me about the necklace that I was wearing. It looked like a original diamond but it was not. He asked that can he touch it. I thought what a boy he is. A girl wanted him to touch her whole body but he want to touch the necklace. He came near me and touched the necklace. Then to my surprise he kissed my neck and went down to my boobs. Then I lost my control and kissed him deeply. Our lips met each other along with our tongue. I embraced him as close as I can and he did the same. We both were playing with ours tongue. That kiss was full of passion and lust. Then we broke the kiss. He took the initiative and touched my boobs. He was waiting for my permission to go any further. Seeing no response from me, he started crushing my boobs. Boobs are the most sensitive part of my body. I was oozing of my cum. Then he opened my blouse along with bra and started sucking and pinching my boobs. I was on seventh sky, dripping wet
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