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Hi readers, its me your sexy shashi back with more sexcapades, my boss posted last about how the airhostess gave a blow job on flight from mumbai to bangalore which few readers told as false, look we dont need to tell stories, at least me and my boss make it a point to venture all sexuall points and make readers enjoy with our facts. in fact on his blackberry phone with out the knowledge of airhostess he had videowed the full thing, which we didnt want to up load and hurt anybodies sentiments, here we shear enjoy sex and its fantasies. anyway coming to the point, since boss came late in night next day he landed at factory at 2 pm, with him lot of business associates were there and we couldnt get any private time, his looks was telling he wanted to rip me apart. around 5 pm he jst got a chance where in he hugged me tight and frech kissed me, I am so addicted to him in no time I could feel the wetness between my thighs, he told me to go home freshen up and just be in a nighty and he would come home and have a drink with me and my hubby. at around 8 pm I could hear his car horn outside my house, my boss walked in with lot of goodies what he had brought for me and my hubby, I loved the chocklates frm paris a lot. as he sat and chatted with my hubby he took out a bottle of gentlemen jack whisky, which is his favourite, my hubby fixed all the three with drinks, with all the chatting I stuck to my first drink and boss and hubby were on the 3 rd drink, I could see my husband getting drunk and boss got up and
went to kitchen to fix one more final round of whisky, I followed him and as soon as I entered the kitchen, he pushed me against the wall and as he kissed he squezzed my breast like they were sweet limes and pushed his hard cock which was inside his pants on my crotch area, it was one of those erotik kiss which had to be separated by the call for me frm hubby and I went out, boss fixed the drink and came out, and in no time my hubby gulped the drink and was not in a state to stand up, so I one one side and boss on the other helped him to the bedroom and put him on the bed, I went from other side climbed on the bed and kneeling down helped to undress my hubby shirt. my boss came at back of me and caressed my ass over my nighty in the dim lit bedroom, he jst lifted my nighty to expose my ass like how the curtains used to go up in movie theaters, I kept still as he always loved to make love in odd places and times, in no time I could feel his hot breath between my ass cheeks and his toung going in circles on my back hole, I left a slight moan and knelt further down exposing my butt completely, I could feel his toung further go down and slurp my pussy of all the wetness, which was giving me a high. as he kept licking and sucking, I could hear his pants fall down as I heard his belt buckles cling on the floor,he stopped licking and stood up and caught my waist and pulled me towards the edge of the bed, I could feel him rub his dick head at my vaginal entrance to
make his dick wet, as he caught my waist he guided his cock inside, I could feel the monster enter me smoothly and stretching my skin to the max, his entry was like eternity as I felt it was going in and in, and when he bottomed his dick in my chuth I felt like he has stuffed his manhood till my throat. his force was too much for me to balance, he held my waist and he was fucking my chuth standing, after a lapse of nearly a month he was invading me and when inside I just feel the complete woman of myself, as he fucked in slow rhythm I balanced my self in one hand and other hand reached to my clit and fingered myself, he too eased his right hand and caught hold of my hanging breasts, he kneaded my hard nipples, I cleched the bedsheets tight and had a wonderfull orgasm, I felt like dropping down, with one pull he pulled his manhood from my chooth and pulled me from bed, as I got down he lifted up my nighty over my head and I stood stark naked, he pulled me towards him and kissed me, he pushed me to sit on the edge of cot and came forward, in the dim light I could see his hard black thick dick shining with all my juices smeared over it, since his cock id circumsized the front red head for showing off, he came forward and he made me rub his dick on my lips as if I am applying lipstick, I smeared his cock head with lot of my saliva and opened my mouth and slid my mouth for his full length, I could feel my self gagged till my throat, he was moaning quite loudly while he held my head with both
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in my ass. dear readers I have never enjoyed sex like this with anyone and me and my boss are not ashamed to share what all we do, which many wont say, kindly post your sincere comments. Yours Sexy Shashi.
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