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Hi friends this is Deepthi again… this is my second story in ISS… Thanks to all of you for a Very good Response from u all… To the new one’s my 1st Story was First Lesbian Experience With Hostel Warden… No continuations for both are different stories… Coming to the story….. Life is going normal in the hostel and suddenly comes the Sonali Mam she was the only strict faculty in whole college she joined in the hostel suddenly and for my surprise she was my roommate too… My normal life was totally changed I and sindhu stopped love making… Every one was sleeping on time and no roaming around in corridor after 9:00… Many more strict rules were implemented… and One day a senior was punished as she was Madhavi… She has broken the rules kept by Sonali…… Madhavi called all the seniors and also called me for a meeting…… In the meeting everyone were angry on Sonali mam and were decided to punish her back…… As time was up all of them left to their rooms and thought to meet again tomorrow at same time… I went to my room and Sindhu (warden) was waiting for me she asked me where I have gone… I said all the matter that was discussed in the meeting…… Sindhu thought for a while and asked me to follow her…. She took me to madhavi room… Madhavi was shocked to see sindhu along with me in her room…. She welcomed Sindhu asked her to sit in the chair… Sindhu said “Madhavi I have heard that u girls decided to punish Sonali… Is it true?” Madhavi saw me angrily and said “Yes madam… She is very strict we are not able to live our life freely so we decided to teach a lesson to her so that she will leave hostel” Hearing that Sindhu stood up and said “See madhavi Sonali was an old lady so she just wants to follow all the rules… Punishing her and teaching her a lesson is not quite Good idea…” Madhavi was confused she asked sindhu “So what should we do madam???? We want to live as we lived earlier… Do u have any another plan” Sindhu laughed and said “I know what u means… Why doesn’t u show her the pleasure by a girl so that she can be with us…? Even she is a window at her early age so it’s quiet easy to do it…” Madhavi thought for a while that said that it was a Good idea and we could have fun also… So she decided that I, shamala, kavya should help her in implementing the plan… It was Saturday night and we girls were are all chilling out late night, playing cards and making funny jokes on each other… Hearing that noise Sonali came up… Sindhu called me and informed me about sonali mam… so I used my cell phone to go to my room checked out sonali she was climbing the steps… I informed madhavi about this she immediately went near Current Board and shut down the main power switch… She called me and whispered in my ears that it’s time for some fun… Madhavi took my mobile and asked 2 of her friends and me to follow to catch hold of sonali mam… We went near sonali and rounded her… Suddenly she felt few foot steps running towards her she said what’s going on?? Why r u gals running?? Madhavi and her friends caught sonali mam hands and legs… so she said what are you doing? Nobody replied, and went close to her.... She couldn’t see anything but can feel many people around her..... Madhavi and her friends lifted her and she started shouting for help and to leave her… So to shut her mouth I placed my hand on her mouth… We took her into madhavi room and tied her to the bed… I was still close her mouth with my hand… now the bed was lifted in air and moved towards center of our room.... She again said... What are you doing girls? But no reply.... We moved the bed somewhere in center of room...I couldn’t see where I am....I couldn’t see who is around....but it was exciting.....and I was getting aroused.... Madhavi had moved Sonali t-shirt up to her neck and pulled it out....She couldn’t resist much...we easily over powered her....Sonali was topless..... (Wow… Sonali boobs were big must be C cap size... her figure may be 38-34-36… She was fair in color and good looking…) And now Madhavi hands were massaging her boobs like an expert massager.....Sonali was enjoying ....and started breathing heavily...... And Madhavi friend (Shamala) was closing Sonali and her hands passed on sonali legs.... I removed my hand from her mouth…. Sonali was asking Whats going on? These are not only two ....there is one more.... Who is this? Why are you doing this to me.....? Sonali boobs were being pressed hard my Madhavi… Shamala hands reached sonali cunt and pressed it from top of her shorts....and quickly reached to take off her shorts.....Sonali tried folding her legs to stop us...but there was another pair of hand tightly gripped her legs this is Kavya as she could easily over power her :) .... Now She was all in control of us....Sonali couldn’t do anything....and we were free to do whatever we want.... Sonali was naked as a new born child...we spread her legs and one of us kissed her pussy.....which was already getting lubrication..... Later I moved my tongue in and out of sonali cunt.... I was tongue fucking her feels too good… I think sonali was in heaven.....till now she wanted to see who all of us were...but now She close her eyes and started enjoying the tongue in her cunt...... and boobs getting pressed… She was getting wet.... Madhavi removed her hand on top of sonali boobs and were now replaced by her lips....Madhavi was kissing sonali boobs.... Madhavi started biting and liking it all over till sonali neck.... Sonali was breathing so heavy now....Sonali couldn’t control..... Tried moving her legs...but couldn’t do anything.... My tongue was playing on her cunt went away and I went on to the placed two of my fingers into her was so slippery… She was scarred ...but was aroused so much that didn’t want to stop me… Sonali was already wet... And wanted me to screw her to the deepest.... Suddenly Sonali got a shocked when the left hand was placed put on to something.... It was a Shamala pussy.... Oh gosh… she realized now that we are making her a lesbian… She tried to getup but didn’t have choice..... Sonali started moving her left hand which was on the pussy... she started finger was getting wet.... I was moving my fingers deep inside her cunt.... And Sonali was feeling painful she started shouting in pleasure ahhhhhhh.... Ohhh….. Yeaaahhhhhhh…. Don’t stop it…… I was inserting deep inside and pulled out now.... Sonali was really enjoying it..... She was moaning louder…. Ahh….. Do it… Don’t stop it… ah Fuck me with ur finger… Fuck me… Then Kavya was holding her (sonali) face and tried kissing sonali.... Kavya licked her lips and playing in sonali mouth with her tongue.... Sonali came now she had her 1st orgasm after along time...but we didn’t stop.... we kept changing and doing same to her.... Madhavi has pinched her nipple alot and made them red..... kavya spanked sonali ass and made them red hot..... Sonali was crying and also enojying it.... Madhavi and Shamala got their pussies licked my Sonali mam... me, kavya and shamala got finger fuck by sonali.... Sonali was screwed by all 4 of us.... we satisfied ourselves and gave a immense pleasure to sonali… Madhavi slapped sonali and said her "If you are going to be strict still then things was go even worse understood u slut???" she slapped her again and said"Reply u bitch" and slapped again Sonali chicks got red.... Sonali said yaa.. yes yes... After that we made sonali free from bed but she was not able to move at all.... I called Sindhu mam from sonali mobile and said about Sonali mam we all ran from there after having her..... After 5 minutes the power was on by Madhavi and Meanwhile Sindhu mam arrived..... And Sindhu realized, that she needs some help so she helped sonali mam and made her walk till our room…. Sindhu took the bed sheet covered sonali and made her lie on bed as she was....In the morning Sonali asked who were they.... Why did they do this for me....? Sindhu said they were many lesbians in the hostel as u was strict they made u also a lesbian... saying this Sindhu said to take care of her and kissed Sonali and left her… Sonali mam had her bath and came out she was wet by the act in the last night so she started fingering herself listening to the moans I and sindhu went in to the room and helped her to cum… From that day everyone was as usually as they were before sonali mam arrival… Has reading this story made you horny? Please do not forget to mail me your comments on my story. My email id is deepthi.telugu@ or deepthi.telugu@ I will try my best to reply to your mails as early as possible.
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